8th Grade American History

In this class we cover pre-history until the War of 1812

We have a textbook we will follow, as well as classwork involving maps, primary documents, and group activities. There will be extra emphasis on the Constitution and the role of citizenship.

A daily current event will be covered and a log filled out and turned in each week. Each student will be required to bring their own current event once a week.

There is a historical novel reading assignment for this class. Students will be issued a historical novel from eight choices. They will have all trimester to read their book. A book log will be filled out and turned in three separate times. A round table discussion with other students who have read the same book will occur in a class presentation toward the end of the trimester.

There is a end-of- course assessment worth 10% of the student's grade. It will be presented as a pre-test and a final. Only the final will count towards the final grade.