Classroom Procedures

Classroom Rules

Be Prompt    Be on time to class. You are allowed five tardies with no penalty each trimester. At five tardies, the proper school administrator is notified for follow-up. Each subsequent tardy is cause for administrative action.

Be Prepared     Bring your assigned book, paper, pen, pencil, and any other required assignments to class. You will be issued a calendar planner agenda by the school. This is to be used as your hall pass. You may leave the room with your pass five times during the trimester with no penalty. After that, citizenship points are lost. If you do not have your pass, you may not leave the room. No food or drink is allowed in my classroom, except water bottles. Exceptions are made for speech class when it has to do with a particular speech. It's a good idea to keep all notes, handouts, worksheets, etc. for review throughout the trimester to use for study guides for tests. It's a great idea to use your planner to keep track of upcoming events and long-term assignments.

Be Polite    Be respectful of me, substitute teachers, student teachers, any guests, and your classmates. Tolerance is a requirement for all my classes. If rudeness is displayed, it can adversely affect your citizenship points (see procedures below). Any discipline policies will follow school policy. Be aware of all school policies at MJH. They are listed in your planner. I reserve the right to give detention to any student who loses too many citizenship points and/or if they greatly annoy me. You have one week to attend my detention. A missed detention will result in the loss of 50 regular class points and the notification of the proper school administrator for follow-up.

Classroom Procedures

Various classroom procedures will be covered the first day of the trimester and they are all posted on the bulletin board in my room.

Grades are earned and 80% of all grades will be calculated on a point system composed of all class and homework assignments, projects, papers, quizzes, and exams. Assignments will vary according to the nature of the classroom material. Extra credit will periodically be available only for those students who have completed their regular assigned work. Citizenship points will be worth 10% of the final grade. Citizenship is 300 points granted each six-week period. Points are lost if the student chooses to break any of the three rules listed above. The final 10% of the grade is the end of course assessment.

Syllabus: At the beginning of each trimester, each student will receive a syllabus with the information on these pages on it. Each student must sign it for credit. It is worth extra credit for each student who takes it home, reads it over with a parental unit, has it signed, and brings it back by the deadline.

Late Work: Late work policies vary by department.  Absences will follow school policy. Any assignment worth over 100 points will lose 10% each day the assignment is late until it is worth zero. I reserve the right to modify the policies at my discretion.

English: Each late assignment is worth 50% of the grade earned. Any assignment turned in two weeks after its' original due date will receive NO credit.

History:  Each late assignment is worth 75% of the grade earned for the first two weeks the assignment is late. After that, it is worth 50% of the grade earned. Toward the end of the trimester, there will be a final due date given for all late assignments, after which no assignments will be counted for credit.